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Fourth International Staff week

“Opening of Erasmus Programme to the world - challenges and perspectives”


In the year when Erasmus programme is celebrating its 30-th anniversary it is very important to put on the front row all its significant contributions to the development of interuniversity cooperation, internationalization of educational systems, exchange of good practices and stimulation of interest of millions young people to mobility aiming at personal self-improvement and development.

University of Ruse dedicates its Fourth Erasmus week to the celebration of this remarkable anniversary, but at the same time wants to present a forum for exchange of opinions in connection to the opening of Erasmus to the whole world. Expansion of the programme brings additional value to the universities from program countries, as well as to their colleagues from the partner countries because it promotes mutual acquaintance and understanding, makes academic systems closer, enriches the traditions and inserts innovative elements in educational practices.

A special accent to the program of the Erasmus week will be placed on exchange of experience and good practices in order to encourage the young disadvantaged people to participate in the programme.

The organizers from University of Ruse are ready to provide to their guests excellent conditions and opportunities for useful exchange of opinions, friendly and relaxing environment, and attractive cultural program.

 Programme - download




Third International Staff week

The New Agenda of the European Higher Education Institutions



University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" organizes its Third International Staff week "The New Agenda of the European Higher Education Institutions", in the period 13-17.06.2016.

The development of new technologies, the globalization of economy and culture, the competition on the market of educational services, the multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism of human society as well the ever growing human necessity for mobility outline the new agenda of the higher education institutions in Europe where modernization and internationalization have no other alternative.

At these conditions the collaboration, the common efforts and the exchange of good practices between universities in Europe have key influence for acquiring adequate education, meeting the high quality standards and the requirements of the European labour market.

In the context of the new agenda for European universities, the Third international staff week organized by the University of Ruse, will provide a forum for exchange of views between the partner universities in the following areas:

• Good practices for internationalization of higher education;

• Educational needs of the digital students generation;

• Challenges for Erasmus + Programme.

We expect interested participants from partner universities to take part in the week, and we are committed to offer them interesting opportunities for exchange of experience, friendly and relaxing atmosphere and attractive cultural program.